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Astra 5.63 - License
Professional software to organize Digital TV Broadcasting Service
€300.00 EUR
X-Premium Transcoding Codec - License
Nvidia GPU with NVDEC/NVENC chips is required. (Recommend
GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1070 8GB, GTX 2080 8GB)
X-Premium Transcoding Codec GPU Transcoding software
€200.00 EUR
Streaming Codes v1.0.60 - License
Streaming Panel v1.0.60
€180.00 EUR
IP Video Transcoding Live v5.12.3.4
IP Video Transcoding Live v5.12.3.4 - 64 Channels - multiple channel live transcoding software, is designed for live media streaming over the internet, cable and satellite TV digital video broadcasting.
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€100.00 EUR
MultiCS Panel - License
€200.00 EUR
IPTV Resellers Panel
With this package you will be reseller in our IPTV system. After activating this package you will receive an email with your data.